Da Process – Building Your Website

Maybe you have been through a website project before, maybe you haven’t. Either way I would like to give you some insights into the process we will go through together. It is helpful to know the flow of things so we can have the proper expectations.

  • We will meet and we will talk through my Website Requirements Form. These questions will gather your purpose, structure, functionality, and additional requirements you have for your website.
  • Next, I will write a proposal with a quote for your WordPress website. This will be provided in a document that thoroughly outlines the project, the process, and our relationship throughout.
  • Once you read the proposal, you will have an opportunity to make adjustments/clarifications to the proposal.
  • Once the proposal is finalized, you then have the option to sign the proposal. It will then turn into a binding contract, which I will also sign.
  • We will decide on the WordPress theme that fits your vision of your website.
  • You will provide me with the content (text, photos, videos, links, etc.) and I will place it on the website.
  • You will review the website and communicate desired changes and I will make those changes.
  • Once the website is finalized, I will flip the switch and your website will be live.

Important Note: To make this process as smooth as possible, it is vital to keep the communication lines open. This is usually where the process is challenged, so if you and I make a commitment to this, the process will be much happier for the both of us!